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I collect multiple objects, some found in nature, some mass-produced and discarded. I individualize them, embellish them and bring them together as unified communities.  There is power in unified intentions. I meditate daily, a practice that I have had for almost fifty years. My artwork is informed by expanded mindfulness and impulses derived from my inner awareness. These are just small details of the work I create meant to inspire and inform the viewer.

Pamela Grau_Rusted Shroud_detail.jpg
Pamela Grau_Time and Memory_detail_38x50.jpg


Inner Journey_pink dreams_lo res.jpg

Inner Journeys

Pamela Grau_Rusted Cups_detail.jpg
Pam painting socks copy.jpg
Pamela Grau_OVI_detail.jpg

United Emergence

Pamela Grau_Fossils_1_lores.jpg


Pamela Grau_Obstacles and Flow 30x30FB.jpg
Pamela Grau_Flutter_detail.jpg


Pamela Grau_claudia's piece_detail 36x48_2011.jpg


Pamela Grau_Mending the Divide_OSA.jpg

Mending the Divide

Our Clients

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