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Communities and Crustacean Infestation

Living in Southern California I am used to seeing the new, the glamorous, the perfect or near perfect, however, what has always interested me are the discards and misfits. I have created countless works from found objects and it was the "missing sock" that escapes from the laundry when backs are turned that inspired this work.

I obsess that deep on the ocean floor there must be a mountain of lost socks that are being absorbed into our ever resourceful eco system, a reminder that we live in times of consumption, waste and creative intelligence.

This started as an installation at Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, May 2009 where I painted 1000 collected lost socks. Since then my "socks" have been redirected into newer pieces.

Pamela Grau_Sock Garden.jpg

Sock Garden

48" x 36"

Pamela Grau_Crustascean Infestation_1000 recycled painted socks_2009.jpg

Crustacean Infestation 2009 - detail

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