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Finishing new work headed to Gallery 10West in Santa Barbara -

May - July 2022.

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My Earth Day Project is on exhibit at the Museo de la Cantabria in Spain, "Arte en la Naturaleza"

August - October 2021

Building Bridges Gallery

in Bergamont Station, Los Angeles June  - August 2021

and at Porch Gallery, in Ojai

The snake is historically and across many cultures a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, fertility and creative life force. Since they shed their skin, they represent transformation, rebirth, healing, and immortality. 


We are capable of shedding old ideas and disrupting patterns. We are all guilty of waste but comfortable with our sins. We love our chemicals and plastic, our electronics and technology, our instant solutions and quick meals. However, we do need to wake up and embrace better ways. They say the Earth does not need us to figure out how to heal her, nature with its infinite wisdom will destroy us before we can destroy her. We need to learn how to do better as a species, as stewards of this planet.


This large serpent is made out of Eucalyptus and Jacaranda pods. The idea is that it is time to change and we need to be open to new possibilities.

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