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PERCEPTION AND PERSISTANCE, Ojai Valley Museum July - October

SUMMER MUSE - Gallery 10 West - group show May - July

Beatrice Wood Center - January - April

New Vibes - Gallery 10West, Santa Barbara - January - March

Ojai Valley Arts Collective - ongoing


FINDING LIGHT, Ojai Valley Museum August - October

Art in Nature, Museo de la Naturaleza de Cantabria Spain August - December 2021

Building Bridges, Bergamont Station June - August

10West Gallery March - May, August - October, November


SIX FEET OF CONNECTION Earth Day project, Marissa Caichiolo curator 



MENDING THE DIVIDE, Ventura County Museum

INSIGHT 20/20 Ojai Valley Museum,

Ojai Valley Artists Gallery, Dec.,

HELLO FOREVER Gallery 10 West, Santa Barbara



ORIGINS, Ojai Valley Museum

Ojai Studio Artists Tour Oct 12, 13, 14,

Beatrice Woods Center “Abstractions”



Ojai Studio Artist Tour OCT 10 11, 12,

SCORCHED SOULS, Ojai Valley Museum, Ojai




MichaelKate Gallery, Santa Barbara

IDEALISM VISUALIZED Ojai Valley Museum April - July

Ojai Studio Artist Tour 


2016 Porch Gallery, Ojai CA Ojai Studio Artist Tour OCT 8, 9, 10, Ojai, ANGLES: Ojai Valley Museum, OjaiCoastline Community College, CA 2015 Ventura Art Walk, Ventura, CA Ojai Studio Artist Tour OCT 10,11, 12, OJAI CONDITION REPORT, Ojai Valley Museum, Ojai, CA  2014 AWAKENING solo show Vita Fine Art Center, Ventura, Ojai Studio Artist Tour OCT 11,12, 13, Ojai -  REJUVENATION, Ojai Valley Museum, Ojai City Hall,  Bamboo Creek Gallery – ongoing exhibition, Ojai 2013 Ojai Studio Artist Tour, Ojai Ventura Art Walk, Ventura, CA, Reflections, Ojai Valley Museum, Ojai  2012 DISPLAY, Anaheim, CA, COASTLINE COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Newport Beach, CA, SPACE ODDITY, S Cube, Laguna Beach, CA, Cancer Benefit in Los Angeles, 2011 ART CUBE, Laguna Beach,CA, SPACE530, New York, FLAG STOP, Torrance, CA, OCCCA 3D, Santa Ana,CA, EMERGING, Coastline Community College Gallery, Huntington Beach, CA  2010  AFTER HOURS, Galerie Z, Bratslava, Slovakia,  BLUE - group show, Laguna Beach, CA, SM BLOOMINGDALES - Crussell Fine Arts, THE BEST SHOW - Crussell Fine Arts, Art Cube, Laguna Beach, CA  2009 THE ART OF IMAGING - Mission Hospital Project, PRETTY:DISTURBING (May 2009) - Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA, ECLAT Crussell Fine Arts, Orange, CA, DIRECTIONS - group show (August 2009) OCCCA, Santa Ana, CA  2008 NOW, Arena 1, Santa Monica, CA curated by Yossi Govrin, JOSHUA TREE ART TOUR (featured artist), Joshua Tree, CA, CUSP Crussell Fine Arts, Orange, CA  2007BIG BABIES, Art Murmur Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Subset Crussell Fine Arts, Orange, CA, ECHOES: Women Inspired by Nature, curated by Betty A. Brown , PH.D &Linda Vallejo, Santa Ana, CA  2006 THE PEEP SHOW, Santa Ana, CA, CONVERSATIONS , group show, O.C.C.C.A., Santa Ana, CA, Orange County Artists, WELLS FARGO, Laguna Beach, CA  2005 Laguna Art Museum AA23, Laguna Beach, CA, SELF-ISH, Art Murmur Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, THE HUMAN FIGURE juror Domenic Cretara, Long Beach Arts, Long Beach, CA, CODA , SCA Gallery, Pomona, CA, SUBTOPIA, O.C.C.C.A., Santa Ana, CA, MADE IN CALIFORNIA Juror Alma Ruiz, assistant curator at MOMA, Brea, CA  2004 ALL MEDIA 2004, juror Noel Korten, Irvine Fine Art Center, Irvine, CA, PAREIDOLIA - Eleanor Antin juror, Santa Ana, CA, AA22 , Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, Mills College Art Museum - solo show, Oakland, CA, Featured Artist - 2004 Orange County Fair, Costa Mesa, CA,WOMEN AS NATIONAL CREATORS, juror Carole Ann Klonarides, Long Beach Arts, CA, ENVISIONING THE FUTURE , Judy Chicago Project, Pomona, CA  2003 SQUARE BLUE, juror Irene Hoffman, Seven Degrees, Laguna Beach, CA, THARIN/GRAU, O.C.C.C.A., Santa Ana, CA, Contemporaneous Contemporary , O.C.C.C.A, Santa Ana, CA, AA21 Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach  2002 BEHIND THE VEIL – Solo show, O.C.C.C.A., Santa Ana, CA, Rental Gallery, Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach. CA, AA20 , Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach  2001 AA19 Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA, OOPS ART, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA  2000, Laguna Art Museum, Sculpture Exhibit , Laguna Beach, CA ,  Juried Sculpture Show George Hermes, Long Beach Arts Center, CA , Solo Show, Gensler, Newport Beach, CA, Tharin/Grau Sculpture Dougherty /Dougherty, Costa Mesa, CA



2022 Ojai Arts Commissioner

2015 Awarded Public Art Projects for the Ojai Valley Inn

2014 Ojai Arts Commissioner

2011 juror for Crussell Fine Arts, Orange, CA

2006 jurors for Confessions Exhibition, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA

2004 Fine Arts Juror Orange County Fair, Orange County, CA

2004 – 2010 Director of Exhibitions, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art



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