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Pamela Grau_Sock Garden.jpg
Sock Garden
48" x 36" Mixed Media - Climate Park Auction  April 16th-17th

I obsess that deep on the ocean floor there must be a mountain of lost socks that are being absorbed into our ever-so-resourceful eco system, a reminder that we live in times of consumption, waste and creative intelligence.


As an artist I have been exploring found objects since 1992. Collecting and repurposing is ongoing commentary of our consumptive culture. I manipulate, paint and embellish socks, tennis nets, take-out cups, abandoned things heading to landfills.  I create colonies of units pushing them to resemble sea urchins and oysters unifying them as communities and individualizing them within the collective. The results are quiet contemplative pieces that evoke nature and our place in it. 


This piece serves as an artifact of this fragile moment where if we do not wake up to our gluttonous ways our time may pass and all that will be found are remnants of our disregard for the planet.

This piece is being presented for auction through and the City of Ojai Climate Park Project. Art is being used to raise funds and awareness. The concept of regenerative living is very important - "when you know better - you do better" - these new parks landscapes are to teach us how to live better.

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