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PG_Collective Consciousness in a Unified Field 49_x26'.jpg
Pamela Grau_Blue Horus, 18x21_mixed media.jpg

Collective Consciousness in a Unified Field

An ongoing series that I have been working on since 2012 - 2021

As an artist I have been exploring found objects since 1992. The collection and repurposing of leisure-based waste was commentary on residing in a consumptive culture. I manipulated, painted and embellished old socks, tennis nets heading to land fills, take-out cups plus numerous droppings from nature. I created colonies of units pushing them to resemble sea urchins and oysters unifying them as a community and individualizing them within the collective. The results are quiet contemplative pieces that evoke nature. We are unique like leaves and snowflakes, however, ultimately we are all connected in a unified field as One.


My artwork is my external practice of my inner expanding consciousness. 

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