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Strength, Beauty and Change

This series began in 2010 when I was going through treatment for cancer. I had been hyped up for days on steroids going through chemo. Not my best moment, but as they say "what does not kill will make you stronger". I spent days and night rolling balls of paper clay with the little straight I had then gluing them down to panels. I began using iron pigment because I ran out of black paint and it rusted, then I introduced metallics into my work and so began a decade of work. I still create piece of this series but now I call them Unified Emergence and I no longer use clay.



48" x 36"

iron pigment, rust and silver

on panel

There Are Things We Can Not See.jpg

There are Things We Can Not See

60" x 48"

iron pigment, rust and acrylic paint

on panel

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